Oferta badań Głównego Laboratorium Analiz Chemicznych GLACH

Scientific departments offer

  1. Department of Agrometeorology and Applied Informatics (NAI)
  2. Department of Biochemistry and Crop Quality (NBP)
  3. Department of Bioeconomy and Systems Analysis (NBAS)
  4. Department of Soil Science Erosion and Land Conservation  (NGO)
  5. Department of Herbology and Plant Cultivation Techniques in Wrocław (NHT)
  6. Department of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology (NHB)
  7. Department of Agricultural Microbiology (NMR)
  8. Department of Systems and Economics of Crop Production (NSE)
  9. Department of Forage Crop Production (NUP)
  10. Department of Cereal Crop Production(NUZ)
  11. Department of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization in (NŻN)

Software applications offer

Cartography offer

Printing offer

Postgraduate studies

Soil Science, Land Classification and Soil Cartography 2020/2021

„Organic Farming”  free of charge studies for advisors co-financed by EU

Offer of Doctoral Studies and Doctoral School

The Doctoral School

The Doctoral Studies