Research staff

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Prof.  Grażyna Podolska 81 4786 817
biology of growth and development, agronomic requirements of new varieties of winter wheat, winter wheat and buckwheat production technology, qualitative study of plant materials - the technology value (milling and baking value) of winter wheat and triticale depending on habitat conditions, agronomic factors, and production technology, the fodder value, healthiness of the grains - the mycotoxin content in cereal grains
Ass. Prof.  Jerzy Grabiński 81 4786 811
energy crops, cereal production technologies - the impact on productivity and soil environment, biology of growth, agricultural technology of new rye varieties, allelopathic effects, quality of plant materials, agricultural production economics and environmental integrated production methods
Prof.  Kazimierz Noworolnik 81 4786 818
Reaction of spring barley varieties to agronomic factors (spring barley, sowing time, sowing density, fertilization, soil, cultivar)  Effect of agronomic factors on quality of brewing barley (fertilization, herbicides, fungicides, brewery quality)
Interspecies and intercultivar growing of cereal variety mixtures (variety mixtures, yield, fodder value)
Ass. Prof. Bogusława Jaśkiewicz 81 4786 813
biology of growth, agricultural technology, production technology of new winter and spring triticale of varieties, agronomical technologies of winter triticale, forage quality of triticale depending on the production technology, regional differences in cereal production in Poland
Ass. Prof. Danuta Leszczyńska 81 4786 815
biology of growth, agricultural technology, technology of production of new winter barley and oats varieties, and interspecies and intercultivar allelopathy of barley and oats, determination of the growth and development of oats and barley depending on the thermal stress, seed quality of spring and winter barley, regional diversity of the barley and cereal mixtures production in Poland
Ass. Prof. Alicja Sułek 81 4786 819
biology of growth, agricultural technology, production technology of new spring wheat varieties, technological value of spring wheat, spring wheat fodder value, the value of seed cereals, the regional differences in cereal production in Poland