The most important projects

Topics realized as a part of a statute activity:
    • The influence of production intensity on wheat grain quality – Dr A. Sułek (Research Director), Prof. G. Podolska, Dr J. Czaban
    • A fluctuation of the content of allelopathic compounds in selected spring cereal species – Dr D. Leszczyńska (Research Director), Prof. W. Oleszek, Ass. Prof. Dr. J. Grabiński
    • Determination of the selected parameters of new barley varieties grain quality depending on agricultural technology factors – Prof. K. Noworolnik (Research Director), Prof. G. Podolska, Dr. D. Leszczyńska, Dr P. Nieróbca, MSc J. Królikowski
    •  Optimalization of agricultural technology of spring and winter cereal crops – Ass. Prof. J. Grabiński, (Research Director) Prof. G. Podolska, Prof. K. Noworolnik, Dr B. Jaśkiewicz, Dr D. Leszczyńska, Dr P. Nieróbca, Dr A. Sułek, Dr E. Szeleźniak
    •  Creating an interactive website of technological consulting for consumer and fodder wheat Ass. Prof. Grabiński (Research Director),  Prof. G. Podolska, Dr P. Nieróbca, Dr A. Sułek, MSc Cz. Pietruch
    • Determination of the species and new cereal varieties response to soil conditions in present cereal production technologies Prof. K. Noworolnik (Research Director) Prof. G. Podolska, Dr B. Jaśkiewicz, Dr Leszczyńska, , Dr A. Sułek, Dr K. Filipiak
    •  Evaluation of diversity of size and quality of winter wheat yield depending on nitrogen fertilization in the regional arrangement prof. G. Podolska  (Research Director) Ass. Prof. J. Grabiński, Dr T. Jadczyszyn,  Ass. Prof. J. Igras, MSc M. Mikos  
    • The influence of the treatment on productivity and quality of buckwheat- Prof. G. Podolska  (Research Director) Prof. K. Noworolnik,  Ass. Prof. J. Grabiński,  Ass. Prof. M. Kucharski, Dr P. Nieróbca, Dr E. Szeleźniak
      The most important projects

      Commissioned research projects

      • 2004 -2007 Identification and ways of counteraction the toxicity and allergenicity of important crops proteins
      Foreign research projects
      • 2007-2010 Modeling of biomass (EGO-PL0073) (IUNG - PIB co-executive)
      • 2010-2011 - PhD grant: Yield and technological value of spelt wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp.spelta) depending on the selected agronomical factors