On 30 August 2023, a meeting of the HRS4R and OTM-R Team was held to discuss the current level of implementation of the components of the HR Strategy of the Institute of Fertilisation and Soil Science – National Research Institute concerning the career development of research staff (HRS4R).


  1. The closing date for the procedure of the IUNG-PIB Research Staff Development Strategy (HRS4R) and OTM-R was set for 12.09.2023.
  2. Ms Agnieszka Bartuzi, MA, was appointed as the person responsible for updating the action plan for the upcoming perspective for the IUNG-PIB media strategy.
  3. It was decided to change the template for the job advertisement for scientific staff. Katarzyna Szewczyk, M.Sc., was obliged to develop a new template for the above announcement. Deadline for completion of the task – 08.09.2023.
  4. Dr Monika Kowalik was identified as the person obliged to set up a pathway for people commenting on the Renewal Assessment report by 5.10.2023.
  5. A deadline of 20.10.2023 was set for the mailing of the comment report.
  6. The indispensability of updating the Gender Equality Plan (objectives, indicators) was identified.
  7. Committed Dr Monika Kowalik to send the 2023 Young Staff Training Plan agreed in consultation with the Internal Audit Team. Dr Monika Kowalik was obliged to send a training plan for young staff for 2023 established in consultation with the Internal Audit Team.
  8. The need to adopt the regulations in force at IUNG-PIB regarding the legal regulations on anti-plagiarism practices for monographs, by M.Sc. Grzegorz Pawluk, was confirmed.
  9. Katarzyna Szewczyk, MA, was obliged to prepare an annual report on the implementation of OTM-R at the end of each calendar year and to submit it to the Directorate.
  10. The need for the PULMAN staff to prepare an open database of IUNG-PIB publications, to archive and secure it using DSpace software was indicated. The deadline for installation of the system was set for the end of August 2023.
  11. The need to publicise good practices in commercialisation (database, rules and regulations, commercialisation incubator, links on the HR Strategy website) was identified.
  12. The need to develop a digital good practice guide for IUNG-PIB staff was identified, together with the definition of an information security policy. The deadline for the preparation of the guide was set at 30.09.2023.


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