Human Resources Position(SKA)

Bożena Wielgo PhD
tel. 81 4786 736
mobile 516 203 557

Scope of the position:

  1. managing all employee-related matters related to the employment, duration of  employment relationship and termination of contracts labor;
  2. handling matters related to the transition of employees to a pension, retirement or rehabilitation benefits;
  3. preparation of employment analysis;
  4. entering information into the prescribed modules in the Integrated Network Information on Science and Higher Education POL-on;
  5. keeping records of employees and the advertising process for the purposes of implementation defensive tasks.

Legal Advisor (RP)

Grzegorz Pawluk MSc
tel. 81 4786 737
mobile 516 203 559, 694 020 276

Scope of the position:

  1. legal and procedural representation;
  2. providing legal advices and consultations;
  3. drafting legal opinions.

Health and safety and fire safety position (BHP)

Julita Grzegórska MSc
tel.81 4786 738
mobile  516 203 521

Scope of the position:

  1. control and evaluation of working conditions and employees’ compliance with health and safety and fire protection rules and regulations;
  2. developing instructions concerning health and safety and fire protection at individual workstations; 
  3. organizing professional training for employees in the field of health and safety and fire protection. 

The position of Agricultural Experimental Stations (RZD)

Mariusz Zarychta PhD
tel. 81 4786 994
mobile  509 457 565       

Scope of the position:

  1. constant analysis of the economic situation of the Agricultural Experimental Stations and presentation of the conclusions and opinions on this matter to the Deputy Director for Environmental Research in accordance with the list contained in the organizational structure of the Institute (Annex 3);
  2. improvement of the principles of cooperation between the Institute and the Agricultural Experimental Facilities;
  3. taking actions aimed at creating production patterns in Agricultural Experimental Stations.

Data Protection Supervisor (IOD)

Julita Grzegórska  MSc
tel.81 4786 738
mobile  516 203 521

Scope of the position

The scope of powers and duties of the Data Protection Supervisor is set out in the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27.04.2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation) – OJ UEL 199.p 1 and the Act of 10.05.2018 on the protection of personal data (OJ of 24.05.2018, item 1000).

A representative for the protection of classified information (SOI)

Bogusław Podolski  PhD
tel. 81 4786 735
mobile  516 203 547

Scope of the position

  1. ensuring compliance with regulations on the protection of classified information;
  2. managing the Institute’s Classified Information Protection Division;
  3. cooperation with an organizational units of state protection services;
  4. conducting training of the Institute’s employees in the field of protection of classified information.

Representative for waste management and environmental protection (GOŚ)

Scope of the position:

  1. supervision over the conduct of waste management at the Institute in the scope of:
  1. getting the relevant administrative decisions,
  2. disposal and export of waste from current activities,
  3. keeping records of waste in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulations, 
  4. reporting on environmntal use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. informing the Director about irregularities related to waste management and environmental protection and submitting proposals to eliminate the identified irregularities.

Attorney for defense, crisis management and civil defense (OZO)

Bogusław Podolski   PhD
tel. 81 4786 735
mobile  516 203 547

Scope of the position:

  1. providing conditions for the realization of defensive tasks;
  2. drawing up planning documents, in particular for operational planning;
  3. implementation of tasks in the field of civil-military cooperation, ensuring continuity of the transfer of decisions and the management of the Institute;
  4. planning and organizing personal and material benefits;
  5. preparation of personal reserves for the purpose of performing defensive tasks;
  6. implementation of defence training;
  7. implementation of measures related to crisis management of civil protection and general civil protection tasks.
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