Roman Izdebski
Tel. 81 4786 977
mobile: 501 183 066

Range of activities:

  1. Performs current activities in the field of renovation and investment management;
  2. Supervises construction investments and repairs carried out by the Institute;
  3. Develops renovation and investment plans;
  4. Cooperates with project coordinators, managing, implementing, intermediary and financing institutions; 
  5. Prepares assumptions, guidelines and agreements with users to develop project and cost documentation for investments and building renovations;
  6. Participates in the preparation of grant applications investments;
  7. Accepts, records, collects and makes available the technical documentation of existing facilities and documentation of projects reffered to the point 4;
  8. Participates in technical acceptance of objects and prepares documentation concerning their inclusion in the assets of the Institute;
  9. Controls compliance with health and safety regulations and rules and fire protection during the implementation of investment and repair tasks;
  10. Conducts commission reviews of the Institute’s facilities in order to determine their technical condition;
  11. Organizes cooperation of the Institute with entities providing the possibility of realization of investment and repair needs within the framework of commissioned workmanship;
  12. Maintains the technical infrastructure of buildings in constant efficiency by supervising networks, installations, power equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, heat substation and boiler room equipment and fire safety systems, burglary and assault signalling and access control systems;
  13. Ensures supervision over the existing technical infrastructure of power grids in order to maintain continuity of operation, secure the supply of utilities and ensure safety of people and property;
  14. Supervises the correct and rational operation of power equipment and installations;
  15. Plans and analyses the costs of electricity, heat and gas consumption, monitors the consumption of energy factors and provides data for the preparation of GUS reports;
  16. Cooperates with the Energy Regulatory Office, Power Plants and other entities in obtaining new energy sources, purchasing energy from other generators, purchasing energy from non-conventional and renewable sources and generated in cogeneration with heat generation, purchasing heat from an unconventional and renewable source;
  17. Participates in the preparation of energy audits;
  18. Plans and implements energy projects in order to achieve a measurable economic effect related to the reduction of energy losses; 
  19. Supervises and monitors the correctness of work of the indications of measuring and billing devices and observes the deadlines for their legalization;
  20. Monitors and records the consumption of electricity, heat and gas as well as water supply in order to select the best price tariff for individual utilities and updates the demand for utilities;
  21. Verifies the utility invoices in terms of their content;
  22. Provides an opinion on all connections to power grids and traffic switching in the network of all types of utilities owned or operated by the Institute;
  23. Determines the technical conditions for connecting to the power networks of the Institute, proposes rates and fees for all utilities for contractors and tenants;
  24. Cooperates with other organizational units of the Institute in the scope of creating and agreeing on tecnical documentation of investments and repairs and in the scope of planning investment, repair and current operation of networks, devices and power installations, ventilation, air-conditioning syatems and equipment, devices in thermal centres and boiler houses and safety systems;
  25. Analyzes the causes and takes corrective actions and undertakings in order to prevent or eliminate failures of networks, power equipment and installations, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, equipment in heat distribution centres and boiler rooms and safety systems;
  26. Participates in-service inspections, regulates ventilation and air-conditioning systems, heat nodes and boiler room equipment and safety systems in cooperation with the building owner, equipment service and administration of individual facilities;
  27. Keeps books of properties used by IUNG-PIB.

Staff/emloyees:                Landline phone: 

Adamczyk Roman       81 4786 981

Antas Andrzej                     81 4786 978

Guzik Monika                     81 4786 976                             

Izdebski Roman       81 4786 977                           

Matraszek Zbigniew       81 4786 981

Matysiak Jacek                     81 4786 981

Piaseczny Tadeusz       81 4786 979

Rydz Janusz                         81 4786 982

Stępień Krzysztof       81 4786 978

Strzałek Andrzej       81 4786 976                           

Wiejak Mirosław       81 4786 981

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