The station is located in gmina Szamotuły (Wielkopolskie voivodeship, Poland), in the area of Szamotuły Plain. The terrain is flat. AES Baborówko in 2016, after a break (1994-2015) due to the lease of part of the land, started production activity within the Institute. In 1993-2015 the Agricultural Experimental Station Baborówko operated on a separate part of arable land. After reorganization and ownership transfers, it has become a one-treatment farm. 

Currently, arable land dominates in the structure of agricultural land (99%). Soils exhibit considerable diversity, mainly brown, tawny and black soils. The quality of arable land is quite good, mostly (67%) class IIIa and IIIb. Baborówko is located in an area with quite high drought frequency. 

The plant conducts production activities (a farm with a plant profile) and carries out field experiments and organizational and economic research, including plant production technology. Sowing structure includes mainly cereals (winter wheat, spring barley), winter rapeseed and maize for grain. In addition, works are carried out within the framework of agricultural drought monitoring and field experiments in the field of cultivation and fertilization: statutory, PW, BIO-FERTIL, and commissioned. The station also organizes meetings and lectures for farmers from neighboring towns, as well as provides consultations in the field of agrotechnology and signaling of the appearance of diseases and pests.

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