Małgorzata Stachyra  Msc, Eng.
tel. 81 4786 987
mobile 516 203 551

Range of activities:

  1. Planning, conducting and reporting on the Institute’s statutory research activities and implementation of multiannual programmes by the Institute;
  2. Archiving of research documentation from the submission to their receipt;
  3. Maintaining the secretariat of the Scientific Council;
  4. Elaboration and transfer of information on research and development work to the databases of the national SIBROL system;
  5. Entering information into the prescribed modules in the Integrated Information Network on Science and Higher Education – POL-on;
  6. Introducing information on the publication of  the Institute’s scientific staff to the Polish Scientific Bibliography;
  7. Preparation of a plan of experiments carried out in the agricultural experimental stations (RZD) within the framework of statutory activities and research projects.
Staff:Landline phone:
Bartuzi Katarzyna81 4786 854
Dąbrowska Małgorzata81 4786 988
Stachyra Małgorzata81 4786 987
Wojdat Agnieszka81 4786 989
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