dr hab. Anna Gałązka, prof. IUNG-PIB
tel. 81 4786 950
mobile: 516 203 529


tel. 81 4786 951
fax.  81 4786 965          

Department’s Research Profile:

1) assessment of genetic diversity and identification of soil microorganisms (PCR, Real Time PCR, PCR DGGE);

2) assessment of structural and functional soil biodiversity related to agricultural practice and environmental protection, bioinformatic analyses – 16S amplicon sequencing (bacteria) and ITS (fungi);

3) identification and characterisation of the metabolic profile of bacteria and fungi (Biolog System, Genlll Plates, FFPlates);

4) assessment of microbiological, biochemical and mobile fractions of organic matter as indicators of soil fertility and health and analysis of the influence of various agrotechnical treatments on these indicators;

S) determination of the number of mycorrhizal spores and the content of alomalins in soils;

6) research into the properties and practical use of both atmospheric nitrogen-fixing bacteria and symbiotic legume plant bacteria.


  1. Evaluation of soil biological activity by the determination of biomass, total number of microorganisms and activity of soil enzymes.
  2. Identification of microorganisms in environmental samples, using the Biolog system and modern techniques of molecular biology.
  3. Microbiological research and expertise.
  4. Bioinformatic analyses – sequencing of 16S amplicons (bacteria) and ITS (fungi); complex analysis from raw fastq file; statistical elaboration, graphic presentation; alpha and beta biodiversity.
  5. Sales of vaccine for faba bean plants (NITRAGINA).

Research equipment

  1. Thermocycler Real-Time PCR, AriaMix Agilent Technology.
  2. Gradient thermocycler, Biometra.
  3. The DCode Universal Mutation Detection System for DGGE analysis, Bio-Rad.
  4. Apparatus for agarose electrophoresis, Bio-Rad and digital system for documentation of gels with composter workstation and software.
  5. FastPrep® -24 DNA extraction homogenizer, MP Biomedicals.
  6. Spectrophotometer for DNA and RNA concentration measurement NanoDrop Lite, Thermo Scientific.
  7. System for analysis of metabolism and phenotyping of microorganisms – Biolog OmniLog.
  8. Microplate reader with computer workstation.
  9. C and N analyzer.
  10. Freeze drying FreeZone Triad System.
  11. Modern computer hardware with specialized software – bioinformatics platform.
  12. Camera equipped microscope.
  13. CSI 200 gas chomatograph.
  14. System for preparation of ultra-pure water, autoclaves, II class laminar chambers, incubators, ultrasound freezer, growth-chamber.

Staff:                 Landline phone:         

Abramczyk Barbara 81 4786 960

Ciepiel Jarosław 81 4786 959

Furtak Karolina 81 4786 961

Gajda Anna             81 4786 953

Gałązka Anna             81 4786 950                                

Gawryjołek Karolina 81 4786 952

Grządziel Jarosław 81 4786 958

Grzęda Emilia             81 4786 951

Kozieł Monika             81 4786 952

Księżniak Andrzej 81 4786 954

Lewtak Krystyna 81 4786 954

Martyniuk Stefan 81 4786 962                                      

Marzec-Grządziel Anna   81 4786 960

Siebielec Sylwia 81 4786 952

Woźniak Małgorzata 81 4786 960

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