Prof. dr hab. Mariola Staniak
tel. +48 81 4786 795
mobile: +48 601 360 265


tel. +48 81 4786 790    

Department’s Research Profile:

  1. Studies on the productivity of major forage crop species used for the production of protein and energy feed;
  2. Assessment of the nutritional value of feed components;
  3. The development and improvement of agri-technology of major domestic legume species and their mixtures with cereals and soya;
  4. Development and improvement of agrotechnology for maize and sorghum in different cultivation systems, using preservation systems;
  5. Improvement of the technology for the production of feeds from grasses and their mixtures with small-seeded legume plants;
  6. Assessment of the physiological state of fodder plants depending on stress factors (abiotic stress) and agrotechnical treatments applied;
  7. Searching for possibilities of increasing the effectiveness of biological binding of nitrogen by legume plants;
  8. Development and improvement of agrotechnology of intensive and local forage crop species and varieties under conditions of organic farming;
  9. Research on the efficiency of the use of fodder area depending on the size of the cow herd and the natural, organisational, and economic conditions.


  1. Advisory service on the cultivation technology of the most important fodder plant species depending on the use direction.
  2. Expertise and evaluation of pesticides applied in the cultivation of fodder crops.
  3. Training on organic and integrated fodder crop technology and production of bulky and concentrated fodder.

Research equipment

  1. CIRAS-2 Portable Photosynthesis System; a portable, fully integrated system for measuring the intensity of plant gas exchange processes (photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductivity) and soil respiration.
  2. LAI-2000 Plant Canopy Analyzer LI-COR, an apparatus for measuring the degree of soil surface leaf coverage.
  3. LI-3000A Portable Area Meter LI-COR, an apparatus for measuring the plant leaf surface.
  4. Chlorophyll fluorimeter Pocket PEA Hansatech; fluorescence tester for chlorophyll.
  5. SPAD-502 Soil Plant Analysis Development MINOLTA; an apparatus for measuring the relative chlorophyll content in leaves.


StaffLandline phone
Antoniak Monika+48 81 4786 793
Bojarszczuk Jolanta+48 81 4786 796
Czopek Katarzyna+48 81 4786 798
Gaweł Eliza +48 81 4786 794
Kaźmierczak Jolanta+48 81 4786 790
Kopacz Waldemar+48 81 4786 797
Księżak Jerzy+48 81 4786 791
Pękala Sławomir+48 81 4786 797
Podleśny Janusz+48 81 4786 792          
Smytkiewicz Karolina+48 81 4786 793
Staniak Mariola+48 81 4786 795
Stępień-Warda Anna +48 81 4786 798
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