dr hab. Andrzej Doroszewski, prof. IUNG-PIB
tel. 81 47 86 750,
mobile: 516 203 532


tel. 81 47 86 752
Fax: 81 4786 759

Department’s Research Profile:

1) collection and processing of agroclimatic data for modelling plant growth and development including farmland;

2) current and long-term yield forecasting and assessment of the agricultural consequences of climate change;

3) maintaining a database on agricultural production together with GIS applications;

4) running a system of agricultural drought monitoring in Poland;

5) research and development on information technology decision support systems for sustainable agricultural production.


  1. Providing access and interpretation of current and historical weather data obtained from the IUNG-PIB network of meteorological stations.

Research Equipment

  1. Meteorological stations performing following measurements: precipitation, insolation, ground temperature, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction.
  2. Portable LI-1800 spectroradiometer from LI-COR – a device performing precise spectral radiation measurements in field and laboratory conditions.
  3. Optical radiation calibrator 1800-02 by LI-COR – a device used to calibrate the LI-1800 spectroradiometer.
Staff: Landline phone
mgr inż. Berbeć Tytus81 4786 758
dr hab. Doroszewski Andrzej, prof. IUNG-PIB81 4786 750
mgr Jóźwicki Tomasz81 4786 759
Matczuk Adrian81 4786 755
mgr Murat Beata81 4786 752
dr inż. Nieróbca Anna81 4786 754
mgr Ścibior Agata81 4786 879
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