Head – dr Urszula Skomra                     

tel.: +48 81 4786 930              e-mail: urszula.skomra@iung.pulawy.pl Home Page

Scope of activites:

  • Breeding of new cultivars of hops and tobacco with improved quality and resistance to diseases by means of conventional, biotechnology and cytogenetics-based methods
  • Application of tissue culture in genetic and biochemical studies,
  • Studies of cultivated plants and pathogens with molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques,
  • Disease diagnostics, pathogen identification and assessment of effectiveness of plant protection agents,
  • Quality, resistance and adaptation traits studies of wide species and varieties of hops and tobacco collection,
  • Improvement of production technology of selected cultivated plants (tobacco, hops, energetic plants),
  • Chemical analyses of selected secondary metabolites (alkaloids, resins and essential oils)


Research staff:

prof. dr hab. Berbeć Apoloniusz Contact us Home Page
prof. dr hab.Teresa Doroszewska dr Urszula Skomra more...
dr Marcin Przybyś dr Anna Trojak – Goluch
dr Anna Czubacka dr Grażyna Korbecka-Glinka
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