Head –   Tamara Jadczyszyn     Ph.D.

tel.: +48 81 4786 832                e-mail: tj@iung.pulawy.pl

Scope of activites:

Research on fertilizer management in sustainable development aspect
  • evaluation of fertilizer management on farm, region and the country level on the base of nutrient balances
  • analysis of economical affectivity and profitability of fertilization, comparison of fertilization costs under conditions of various types of fertilizer application
  • improvement of evaluation methods of farms under various natural, economical and organizational conditions, considering sustainable development criteria
Agronomic and environmental research directed to precise plant nutritional requirements and evaluation of fertilization impact on environment
  • improving of plant and soil tests in order to precise plant nutritional requirements
  • solar energy, water and nitrogen utilization in photosynthesis process of winter and spring cereals
  • methods of nutrients balance in Poland
  • investigation on nutrients and water utilization under various management systems
  • potential looses of nutrients from soil as an indicator of production systems sustainability
  • organic fertilization impact on soil fertility and its effect on environment
  • fertilizer recommendation system, including precision fertilization
  • monitoring of soil fertility and soil-ground waters in Poland
  • agricultural usefulness of organic fertilizers and waste products enriching soil with organic matter (sludges, industrial composts) and raw materials deacidificating soils (calcium, calcium-magnesium fertilizers)

Research staff:

prof. dr hab. Mariusz Fotyma, em
Contact us
prof. dr hab. Alicja Pecio dr Dorota Pikuła
dr Tamara Jadczyszyn dr hab. Anna Podleśna, Ass. Prof.
dr Kazimierz Kęsik dr Agnieszka Rutkowska
dr Anna Kocoń dr Ryszard Winiarski
dr Piotr Ochal
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