Head –  Ass. Prof.    Mariola Staniak       

tel.: +48 81 4786 790                       e-mail: staniakm@iung.pulawy.pl Home Page

Scope of activites:

  • Biological and agrotechnical bases of the productivity of forage crops, the most popular species in Poland, to be used for the production of feed for ruminants and monogastric animals
  • Improving of fodder production of grasses, their mixture with papilonaceous plants and maize
  • Development and improvement of crop production technologies for major legume species The evaluation of feed components nutritive value
  • Evaluation of physiological status of fodder crops, depending on the stress factors and agricultural practices
  • Searching for traits of resistance to drought stress hybrids Festulolium braunii using biotechnological and biochemical methods
  • Estimation of new pesticides efficiency

Research staff:

prof. dr hab. Janusz Podleśny Contact us more...
prof. dr hab. Jerzy Księżak dr Jolanta Bojarszczuk
dr hab. Mariola Staniak, Ass. Prof. dr Eliza Gaweł
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