Head – Monika Kowalik Ph.D.

tel.: +48 81 4786 733             e-mail: mkowalik@iung.pulawy.pl

Range of activities:

  • The Department deals with the transfer of research results to agricultural practice, publishing activity and promotion of the Institute’s achievements.
  • It develops leaflets, training materials, dissemination instructions for advisors, students and farmers, as well as more extensive publications: thematic atlases and agricultural dictionaries, and distributes them.
  • It provides organization and technical support for conferences, workshops and other scientific events that take place at the Institute.
  • It provides services for external customers in the field of: print preparation (layout design, editing, photo scanning and processing, graphic form design, image setting), offset or digital printing, bookbinding preparation.


  • Implementation of research outputs and dissemination of progress in agriculture.
  • Cooperation with the Agricultural Advisory Centers, Agricultural Chambers and agricultural practice.
  • Organizing trainings for specialists and agricultural producers.
  • Organizing trainings for specialists and agricultural producers.
  • Preparation of scientific, implementation and dissemination papers of the Institute for printing.
  • Performing printing works.
  • Cooperation with the Central Agricultural Library.
  • Organization of IUNG-PIB’s Open Days.
  • Co-organization of the Lublin Science Festival.
  • Participation in International Agricultural Fairs, as well as exhibitions and shows in agricultural advisory centers in Poland.
  • Sale of scientific and popular science publications published by IUNG-PIB.

Publishing offer

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