Head – dr hab.  Anna Gałązka, prof. IUNG-PIB                                     tel.: +48 81 4786 950

e-mail: agalazka@iung.pulawy.pl Home Page

Research profile of the Department:

  • research in molecular biology; evaluation of genetic differentiation and identification of microorganisms (PCR, Real Time PCR, PCR DGGE, Biolog System)
  • evaluation of microbial diversity of soils associated with agricultural practice and environmental protection (Biolog EcoPlates)
  • determinantom of genetic diversity of bacterial and fungal communities using PCR DGGE methods
  • identification and characterization of metabolic profile of bacteria and fungi (BIOLOG System)
  • searching for microbial, biochemical and light organic matter fractions as indicators of soil health and fertility as influenced by different agrotechnical practices and farming systems.
  • environmental assessment of soil by the content of glomalin
  • research on ecology and practical use (inoculants) of atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacteria (NITRAGINA, NITRAFLORA)
  • assessing effects of agricultural practices and farming systems on colonization of cereal roots, ears and grain by symbiotic and plant pathogenic fungi. Two groups of these microorganisms are of particular interest: arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in cereal roots and toxinogenic Fusarium spp. occurring on winter wheat and triticale grain.


  • evaluating the biological activity of soils by the determination of biomass and the total number of microorganisms and soil enzyme activities,
  • identification of microorganisms using BIOLOG system and modern techniques in molecular biology,
  • microbial products for the Fabaceae plant, NITRAGINA,
  • microbiological expertises


Research staff:

prof. dr hab. Stefan Martyniuk dr Barbara Abramczyk Contact us…
prof. dr hab. Maria Król, em
dr Karol Abramczyk
dr Anna Gałązka mgr Monika Kozieł
dr Anna Gajda mgr Jarosław Grządziel
dr Anna Marzec-Grządziel
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