Strengthen IUNG’s proficiency on „Managing the Production of Food and Feedstuff, their Safety and Quality under Global Climate Change”

The main objective of the PROFICIENCY project (2009-2012) is to strengthen IUNG’s excellence, through technological, human and partnership capacities fostering. IUNG ambition is to adopt a totally integrated interdisciplinary approach around four interdisciplinary research areas related to agriculture: 1) Land Use, 2) Soil Quality, 3) Production Systems and Techniques, and 4) Plant Products Quality and Safety.

PROFICIENCY is expected to foster the integration of IUNG within the European Research Area (ERA), by increasing its leadership among European research institutions, covering the whole production food chain, providing high level data interpretation and influencing local as well as EU politics in the field of food safety and climate changes. In order to reach such objectives, IUNG will collaborate very closely with 16 excellent Western Research Institutions, through two-way mobility trainings and intense and high-quality dissemination events.

The PROFICIENCY project is composed of the following seven work packages:

Contact: Agata Szczepaniak, Project Assistant, e-mail:

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