Development of a technology of innovative microbiologically enriched mineral fertilizers (BIO-FERTIL)

The aim of the project is to develop innovative biofertilizers based on  microorganisms and humic acids derived from brown coal, and to implement them into crop production. It proposes to develop microbially-enriched mineral fertilizers. The basis for the biofertilizers are microorganisms collected in IO SYMBIOBANK. Multiplied microorganisms and organic components from brown coal (humic acids), will be used by INS to produce experimental batches of the products.

Their effectiveness in crop production and technology to apply them will be assessed by IO and IUNG, while their effect on soil properties will be determined by IA PAN. The research will result in recommendations for farmers and fruit and vegetable growers, which will be disseminated. The use of the biofertilizers will increase the availability of minerals and their uptake by plants, and thus the crop yield and its quality. The developed biofertilizers and technologies will raise the competitiveness of Polish farmers and entrepreneurs, and strengthen their market position.

The project will promote the development of knowledge and increase participation in EU programmes (eg. Horizon 2020). The project meets the main goal and specific objectives of the BIOSTRATEG programme, addressing 3 strategic problem areas and 9 research issues.

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