BIOproducts from lignocellulosic biomass derived from Marginal land to fill the Gap In current national bioeconomy (BioMagic)

The objective of the project BioMagic is to generate a bioproducts containing bioactive substances from lignocellulose biomass grown by Perennial Industrial Crops (PIC) cultivated on marginal lands. BioMagic is a new and strategic approach to the acquisition and cascaded use of biomass from PIC under the framework of modern development of both interdisciplinary research and companies in the area  of bioeconomy.

PIC biomass produced on marginal lands in a sustainable way will be processed according to the concept of its hierarchical  use, that is first it will serve as substrate for generation of extracts and bioproducts, and only afterwards, production residue will undergo valorization via the energy balance of advanced biofuels. The bioproducts can be either a  ‘bio’ version of traditional products or new products, with new and innovative functions.

The results of the BioMagic as an element of national bioeconomy, will bring about many measurable economic and social benefits, e.g. the potential employment in the whole country corresponds to hundreds of thousands of new places of work. The Consortium comprises 2 universities, 3 research institutes and 2 companies. Each Consortium member employs high class experts and possesses the research background and infrastructure, which guarantees that tasks they are commissioned will be performed to the highest level of perfection.

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