Head – Grzegorz Siebielec Ph.D.          

tel.: +48 81 4786 910                 e-mail: gs@iung.pulawy.pl

Scope of activites:

  • protection of agricultural soils quality and – evaluation of the processes of their degradation; application of remote sensing and chemometric methods for soil quality assessment
  • assessment of the effect of anthropogenic factors and climate changes on agricultural soils; monitoring of soil and water pollution with metals and organie contaminants
  • ecotoxicity assessments and ecological risk assessment
  • mapping and spatial evaluations of agricultural soils quality at national and regional level; development and maintenance of integrated soil data bases
  • regional and country-wide assessment of potential and actual wind and water erosion and development of erosion risk indicators
  • assessment of the environmental consequences of waste utilization in agriculture
  • modelling of water and nutrients cycling
  • evaluation of the environmental results of Common Agricultural Policy

Researches to offer:

  • ecological risk assessment for contaminated sites
  • regional assessment of land use changes, soil quality, land productivity and soil degradation processes
  • development, integration and transformation of spatial databases characterizing soil coverage and rural areas
  • delivery of digital soil maps and their derivatives; digitalization and update of soil maps to various scales
  • testing the utility of waste materials for use in agriculture and for reclamation
  • delineation of areas under risk of soil degradation and less favoured for agricultural production
  • modelling of water balance and migration of nutrients and contaminants in catchments
Research staff:
prof. dr hab. Barbara Maliszewska-Kordybach, em dr inż. Eugeniusz Nowocień Contact us
prof. dr hab. Alina Kabata-Pendias, em dr Bożena Smreczak
prof. dr hab. Franciszek Woch dr Jan Jadczyszyn

dr Agnieszka Klimkowicz-Pawlas

dr inż. Rafał Wawer
dr Guillaume Debaene dr inż. Jacek Niedźwiecki
dr Grzegorz Siebielec dr Beata Suszek-Łopatka
dr  Monika Kowalik mgr Artur Łopatka
mgr Piotr Koza


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