Biological and habitat conditionings of crop production and acquiring plant materials with describe quality

The research allows the identification of needs and requirements of particular plant species as well as the improvement (or development) on a scientific basis, new production technologies that take into account a plant`s requirements in addition to aiming at achieving profitable crop production of a desired quality. Crop production depends on many factors, of which the most important are biological features of a particular plant and habitat conditions of its growth. In general, crop yields are related to growth intensity and the course of generative development. The development is regulated by environmental factors such as light, temperature, water and nutritional substances. The agrotechnical factors are important as well, because they have influence on the potential plant productivity. In accordance with the plant growth environment, the conditions for obtaining optimal crops of good quality are soil, fertility, and dynamic productivity (regarding all biological, chemical and physical processes).
The aim of the research sub-programme is to recognise the impact of biological and habitat factors on processes, that condition high and desirable quality of crop production. The researched results enable the preparation of principles to maintain arable lands in optimum conditions and to gain crops of high quality parallel to the retaining of a natural environment.

The sub-programme consists of four tasks:
1.1. The use of genetics and biotechnology in creating the biological progress of crop production.
1.2. The determination of the yielding potential, quality, and basic requirements of the environment for new plant varieties.
1.3. The possibility for using the biologically active natural substances and plant extract in plant protection and human and animal feeding.
1.4. The habitat and agrotechnical conditioning of crop production.

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