The management and protection of agricultural areas in Poland in regard of regional conditions of rural areas development

In accordance with the strategy of the development and accession requirements, Polish agriculture is going to undergo a deep transformation. The condition of conducting these changes is the streamlining of the production areas usage and regarding new needs and agricultural development programmes. The necessity of meeting these requirements enlarge the demand for information support, which is an essential base for making the right decision. Construction of computer systems complying with the needs and standards of the European Union requires urgent conversion of the agroclimatic, soil, and device data into a numerical form. The sub-programme is going to be conducted by creating and adjusting the models and applications to enable quick access to the information about agricultural production conditions, area valorisation, ways of using the area, assumed production effects, results of the usage of natural sources of agriculture and other functions of area. The models and applications describe changes of natural and anthropological phenomena in regard to the economic situation and the rules of eco development. Databases, models, and applications generating essential information are going to concern three levels of managing and decision-making – domestic, regional and local. In addition, there will be evaluation conducted into the production possibilities of various regions of Poland as after the introduction of market economy, the differences have become larger and previous division of crop production has become outdated. Thus, the results obtained may be helpful during the future regionalisation and agricultural politics.
The aim of the research sub-programme is to create a basis for modern systems of providing agriculture and its institutions with right information essential for planning, running, and evaluating of crop production effects.

The sub-programme consists of two tasks:
4.1. Gathering, processing, and use of information about soils, agroclimate and usage of agricultural areas in Poland.
4.2. Preparing rules of use and shaping agricultural areas in regard of multifunctional countryside development determinants.

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