The Centre for Computer Network PULMAN in Puławy

Manager: Andrzej Krakowiak Msc  tel. 81 4786 905, mobile 516 203 531,                                                             e-mail: 


tel. 81 47 86 909,    Fax: 81 4786 900

The Centre is the operator of the PulMAN Municipal Computer Network. PulMAN provides service of Internet access and data transmission basing on above mentioned networks. The PulMAN network connects research institutes, schools, administration units and other institutions located in the Pulawy area, providing them with access to network services, Internet and data transmission in closed corporate networks. The PulMAN network provides scientific units with access to the PIONIER Polish Optical Internet and the GEANT European Scientific Network, as well as to the services provided within this network for the European scientific community. Internet access and communication with GEANT network are realized through the PIONIER network.

The scope of activity of the centre:

  1. development planning, supervising the operation and cooperation with network users;
  2. support for IUNG-PIB local computer network;
  3. support of connections between scientific units that are part of OSK PULMAN users;
  4. development of Internet services and their sale to commercial entities and individuls;
  5. operation and advancement of computer programs and systems improving work of the Institute.;
  6. supervising the GUS reporting.

PulMAN works with 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, relying on PulMAN optical fibers, which provides network users with nearly unlimited transmission possibilities. An important area of MSK PulMAN’s activity is designing and implementation new services for the society. The advanced IT infrastructure enables undertaking new challenges and realization of services based on Internet technologies. These services are provided within the framework of research and development projects and targeted projects from national and foreign funds in cooperation with public entities. An important aspect of these projects is the practical implementation of the results obtained in the form of fully functional services in institutions collaborating with MSK PulMAN in their development. 

Within the framework of the project “PLATON Science Service Platform – Stage I: Common Service Package” ( are offered:

The innovative resource centre OSK PulMAN meets specific security requirements for protected power supply, air conditioning redundancy and monitored physical access. The devices installed within the centre have guaranteed the functioning of the PIONIER national optical network, the PulMAN city network and connections with other operators for many years. The centre is the focal point of all available services: computing, archiving, collocation and hosting, as well as interactive television. 

Staff:                                            Landline phone                                    

Korpysa Mariusz                   81 4786 907

Krakowiak Andrzej                   81 4786 905                                      

Rodzoś Zbigniew                   81 4786 908

Sekuła Jolanta                               81 4786 909

Stępkowski Tomasz                   81 4786 906

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