Head – dr hab. Alicja Sułek

tel: +48  81 4786 819               e-mail: sulek@iung.pulawy.pl Home Page

Scope of activites:

  • study on growth, development and agrotechnical requirements of grain species and varieties under different environmental agrotechnical conditions
  • improvement and elaboration of grain production technologies together with advisory service bases
  • research on grain species and varieties suitability to degradated but cultivated areas
  • evaluation of new plant protecting agents under different grain production technologies
  • research on allelopathy phenomenon in grain species mixture stands
  • developing of nonconventional methods of agrophages control in grains

Services offer:

  • evaluation of plant protection agents on agrotechnical marketing and application purposes (authorization issued by Institute of Plant Protection under the act dated July 12. 1995)
  • performance of biological tests in pots, microplots and field studies
  • evaluation of grain quality on bakery purposes (wet and dry gluten content, falling number, sedimentation test, seed uniformity)

Research staff:

prof. dr hab. Grażyna Podolska dr hab. Danuta Leszczyńska Contact us
prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Noworolnik dr hab. Alicja Sułek more..
dr hab. Jerzy Grabiński
dr hab. Bogusława Jaśkiewicz
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