The natural and economic conditions of agricultural production in farmsteads

Modern solution in farming should be conformity with the rules of sustainable development. For agriculture, there is a need to adjust properly production trends and intensity to natural conditions.
Sustainable agriculture should meet the following conditions:

The above-mentioned conditions and aims are basic premises of the research in the programme. The research works are oriented towards searching a production structure, which enables the effective use of farm resources and proper connection between plant and animal production. The recommended technologies should be in capital – saving, and consistent with basic rules of good agricultural practice. There are going to be different solutions offered for environmentally precious areas, where the priority is the protection of the natural landscape and biological diversity. After accession to the EU, these areas cannot use financial support as a part of agricultural and environmental programmes on account of farming on less favoured areas or ecological agriculture development.
The aim of the research sub-programme is to develop the principles of farm organisation and operation for the implementation of sustainable development under various natural and management conditions.

The sub-programme consists of four tasks:
3.1. The arranging and running of farmsteads with different production directions in accordance with the rules of good agricultural practice.
3.2. The production and environmental effects of the ecological farming systems.
3.3. The preparation of the evaluation factors for the environment quality and balance of the farms with different production directions.
3.4. Assessment of possibility of biomass for energy production.

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